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Your intellectual property assets (namely, patent, trademark, industrial design & copyright) that are granted or under application in Malaysia or any other country may be listed on YouCipta for the purpose of sale/licensing/free distribution. Your products and/or services cannot be listed.

No, your submission of listing and any subsequent updates will be reviewed by YouCipta moderators before it is verified for publishing on YouCipta. There are three possible scenarios:
(1) First submission is verified and published without amendment;
(2) Submission is returned for amendment and subject to further review before publishing;
(3) Submission (e.g. with offensive, vulgar content) is rejected.

YouCipta does not have a payment gateway nor will conduct monetary transaction between two parties. The YouCipta team only mediates, provides consultation and connects seller and buyer, or licensor and licensee, to help achieve successful sale/licensing transaction.

Click on the “Search Listing” button on top of the homepage and search by keyword, IP type and/or country of protection, or search by industrial categories.

  • First, you need to have an account with YouCipta. Signing up and adding listing are free.
  • Have the documents by your side (i.e. application/certificate details of your IP).
  • Start by clicking “Add Listing” button on top of the homepage.
  • Choose the IP category (patent, trademark, industrial design or copyright).
  • Key in the information and upload photos of your product, logo and certificate.
  • Accept terms and conditions and engagement letter, then submit listing.

No, the same family of IPs only need to be listed once, but you may indicate more than one country/region of protection when you key in the information. Then, under the patent family (e.g. for patent listings), provide only the application numbers with their corresponding countries indicated for our verification. For other information, you may provide the details of only one country.

E.g. Patent A is registered in Countries X, Y, and Z (3 countries), hence it is considered as one family. Trademark W of a product that is related to Patent A is NOT the same family as trademark is a different IP type from patent.

They could be different. An application number is the serial number assigned to you IP under an application stage when it has not been granted its IP rights (yet to be approved). Only after approval, i.e. certificate/notice of grant issued, will the grant number be issued.

You will receive an e-mail stating that your listing is under review and an attached engagement letter confirming you have agreed to the listing terms of engaging the YouCipta platform. Your listing will be published if the information provided is correct and complete. Otherwise, you will receive a return e-mail to edit your listing.

Yes, just log in at Then, go to “All Listings” under “Listing” tab and click on the “Edit” (pen note) button at the “Action” column corresponding to your listing name.

Yes, just log in at Then, go to “All Listings” under “Listing” tab and click on the “Delete” (cross) button at the “Action” column corresponding to your listing name.

Click on the “Need help with R&D?” button, wait for an enquiry and get connected with interested collaborator. You will receive an e-mail notification when there is an enquiry.

Any document that may help us understand your IP, its legal status and values could be attached under this section. Specifically, they are provided such as
  • Valuation Document (If your IP has been valued by a specialist before)
  • Market Industry Analysis Document (you have performed market analysis on your IP or product(s)/service(s) related to it
  • Claim Document (Right claimed by your IP, e.g. patent claims, if any)
  • Encumbrances History Document (any liability, e.g. loan/debt, incurred under your IP)
  • Infringement Proof Package Document (History/proceeding showing your IP is being infringed or is infringing others)
  • Target Product List Document (list of products/services related to your IP in question, including prospective ones)
  • Competitive Analysis Document (analysis of competitors in the market)
  • Other Document (any other relevant documents)

First, log in at In “All Listings” under “Listing” tab, you may check the status of your listing under the “Status” column. It will either be Published (successfully listed), Pending (under review), Return (requires your amendment) or Reject (unsuccessful).

You cannot see who has viewed your listing, but you may see the number of views next to your listing description.

Click on the listing to view it. Click on the “Quick Enquiry” button next to the listing description to submit your full name, e-mail address and question. A YouCipta consultant will contact you soon to guide you through the rest of the procedures.

Our YouCipta consultants usually respond as soon as possible. Should there be any glitch causing a delay, you may e-mail or call +60-03-5891 4846.

You may e-mail us at Please state your username, provide the listing URL and description of your problem, as well as screenshot, if any.

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