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Since the pandemic, pasar malam vendors are experiencing a drop in sales and some of them have even stopped selling entirely. About 50-60% of pasar malam vendors around Malaysia are in the high-risk category (50-70 years old) and this also has been one of the reasons they stop selling. From the user perspective, the problem that they are facing is abiding by tight SOP. Because of this some of them decide not to go to pasar malam, and if they were to go they have to queue for a very long time. So this brings more inconveniency.  PM Tepi’s objective is to help this vendor to continue their business are the comfort of their own home. PM Tepi runs with 3 idealogy, the 1st is “We Payung You”  whereby we will digitalise the pasar malam and their business, 2nd is “Your Own Payung” whereby vendors can now continue their business in the comfort of their own home, and 3rd “PM Tepi Us” which referring to any issues faced by the vendors we will be there for them. We will also have a feature called PM virtual walk to give users a more interactive experience in our app. As we will kick start PM Tepi in Melaka, our stakeholder will be Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah. Moving forward we will be bringing in “home-business” and assisting them on FOSIM related matters. 

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