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Smart Wearable EMG Device for Monitoring Lower Back Pain Rehabilitation

About Smart Wearable EMG Device for Monitoring Lower Back Pain Rehabilitation

According to Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation Malaysia, low back pain is the leading cause of disability since 2005 and the number keeps on increasing over the past 12 years. Low back pain is identified as the most common cause of work disability World Health Organization estimated 60 to 70 common low back pain in industrialized countries which means approximately 20.5 million Malaysians have encountered low back pain at least once in their lifetime.

Currently, assessment and evaluation of low back pain are based on questionnaires on the patient’s level of pain and discomfort. This qualitative assessment can be highly subjective and has limited accuracy in accessing the progress of rehabilitation Thus, a wearable wireless Electromyography device integrated with a smart decision-making algorithm on a smartphone-based application (MyE) is developed to monitor the progression of low back pain rehabilitation.

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